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From Wheelwrights to Timber and then Cricket Bats
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Brookes Brothers - The Timber Trade

The Brookes Family started working in the Wood Trading Business in the 1880's. It all began when my Great Grandfather established a Timber Haulage business - initially setting up in Hereford but later moving to Redditch, Worcestershire. Initially known as Brookes Brothers Timber Haulage, it was actually run by my Great Grandfather and his brother. It was very much a family run business and it employed several members of the family thoughout its initial stages.

It was in the timber trade that the phrase 'Top Dog and Underdog' actually came into being. The 'top dog' was the worker on the top of the double rip saw who worked on the top of the tree trunk. The 'underdog' worked on the under side of the tree and unfortunately worked as the sawdust and sweat fell onto him. The underdog worked in the most uncomfortable position out of the two.

A flourishing business and the foundations laid for a Family trade that would last over 100 years.

Brookes Brothers - Forestry and Timber

The family moved to Redditch from Hereford when an opportunity arrose to purchase a large forest in the area. Rather than haul the logs to Hereford they instead bought a sizeable plot of land. This was where they decided to base their Timber Yard - Enfield Road, Hunt End, Redditch. This was to become the base for the business for the next 80 years.