Lionheart LE - A Bespoke Handmade Bat

Choose your willow, fine tune the shape, and design your ultimate cricket bat.

Profile Specification

We offer a completely Bespoke service for someone who wants a fully personalised handmade bat. Manufactured to your exact personal specifications, we provide a unique opportunity to design your own cricket bat. Wether you want a design styled to match the profile of an old favourite, or wether you have an exact criteria, we can create a Limited one off masterpiece. We will discuss your requirements in detail and ensure that we produce a matching outcome.


It is up to you to choose the shape and profile. Do you want a bat with a high sweet spot or one with a very low mid point. Will the spine run the full length of the bat or taper into a subtle duckbill toe. Will your edge sweep from a thin shoulder into a huge mid section and dip into a broad flatter toe styling....you choose your specifications we manufacture the bat.

Size and Weight Ratio's

To meet MCC guidelines we can manufacture bats that have a maximum spine of 70mm and an edge size of 40mm. Be aware that if you choose a full profile bat with no concaving and want the full available spine and edge thickness, and with a 20mm+ shoulder and toe, then the bat will also be heavy. We are able to match weight preferences using certain manufacturing parameters and can advise during the design process.


The pure simplistic black and white styling tips a nod to the old traditional classic bats of yesteryear. Not complicated just pure, clean and uncluttered, a bespoke, beautifully hand crafted custom made bat will be one that is manufactured precisely to match your own individual game.

Is this the bat for you?

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Lionheart LE - Performance
  • Largely Even Grained
  • may have Heartwood
  • Small Blemishes on the Blade Face
  • Grade 2
inc VAT
Lionheart LE - Test
  • Straight Even Grains
  • pure blade    
  • Significantly Clean Blade Face
  • Grade 1
inc VAT
Lionheart LE - Kingswood
  • 9+ Perfect Grains
  • perfect pure blade    
  • Clean Blade Face
  • *Limited Supply*
inc VAT