Premier Series - The Lionheart

Our Signature Model - Medium Concaving, Massive Edge, and a subtle Duckbill Toe.

Profile Specification

The Premier Series was our first available design and is already a modern design classic. A large modern edge, subtle concaving to reduce weight, and a duckbill toe to aid the pick up and balance, this bat has everything. A perfect choice for a batsman wanting to play strongly on both the frontfoot and backfoot.


The edge sweeps fluently from shoulder to toe and the sweet spot has been carefully placed at the optimum mid point to aid an allround approach to stroke play.


Decked out in Firebrand Red (Orange for the Junior Players), the first of a kind; one of a kind. Our Premier Blade - Bat with the Heart of a Lion.

Is this the bat for you?

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Premier Series - Players Willow
  • Variable Grains
  • significant Heartwood
  • Blade Face may have some Blemishes
  • Grade 3
inc VAT
Premier Series - Performance Willow
  • Largely Even Grained
  • may have Heartwood
  • Small Blemishes on the Blade Face
  • Grade 2
inc VAT
Premier Series - Test Willow
  • Straight Even Grains
  • pure blade
  • Significantly Clean Blade Face
  • Grade 1
inc VAT