The Dovetail

a Fuller Profiled Bat with no concaving - a subtle modern styling with its heart based upon an old classic.

Profile Specification

With an edge between 35-39mm in thickness, and a large central spine 61-66mm, this bat carries some genuine power. The sweet spot is located towards the mid range position to aid the pick up and balance. A full profile bat with no concaving this might be the ideal choice for the big hitting batsman.

Edge Styling

An edge that measures between 35 and 39mm ensures that the bat has a very large amount of wood across the full profile of the bat. Weighing in excess of 2lb 12oz this bat is the biggest in the Lionheart range in terms of wood retained in its huge profile. We only manufacture these bats in adult sizes due to their likely weight range.

Overall Summary

With a striking Blue Livery, the Dovetail blends modern styling with a classical look. Despite its huge profile, the careful positioning of the sweet spot aids the pick up and balance and often picks up significantly lighter than it actually weighs.

Is this the bat for you?

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The Lionheart - Players Willow
  • Variable Grains
  • Reasonable Heartwood
  • Blade Face may have some Blemishes
  • Grade 3
inc VAT
The Lionheart - Performance Willow
  • Largely Even Grained
  • Some Heartwood
  • Small Blemishes on the Blade Face
  • Grade 2
inc VAT
The Lionheart - Test Willow
  • Straight Even Grains
  • Minimal Heartwood
  • Significantly Clean Blade Face
  • Grade 1
inc VAT