Massive Modern edge, this bat has a concaved profile with a full length spine and sweeping curves.

Profile Specification

Stellify has a full spine profile that runs the full length of the bat, and, combined with elegant sweeping curves and heavy concaving, it is a stunning modern masterpiece. Despite its huge edge and spine profile, that it is a well balanced bat with a great pick up. Available in 3 sweet spot positions (low, mid, high) you will need to specify which profile you desire when ordering.

Edge Styling

The low middle version would suit a front foot player batting on low pitches; The mid middle position will aid the allround batsman who wants the best of both; and the higher middle would suit the backfoot player looking for a lighter balanced bat to enable them to take the attack to the quicker bowler.

Overall Summary

In a crisp clean white profile with a subtle red border, the Stellify range provides you with a lightweight yet massive profile and is a bat that lives up to its true meaning - the word Stellify means to become a star.

Is this the bat for you?

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Stellify - Players Willow
  • Variable Grains
  • Reasonable Heartwood
  • Blade Face may have some Blemishes
  • Grade 3
inc VAT
Stellify - Performance Willow
  • Largely Even Grained
  • Some Heartwood
  • Small Blemishes on the Blade Face
  • Grade 2
inc VAT
Stellify - Test Willow
  • Straight Even Grains
  • Minimal Heartwood
  • Significantly Clean Blade Face
  • Grade 1
inc VAT