The Wands - The Lionheart Junior Range

We manufacture the profiles of the Premier Series and the Stellify bats in junior sizes.

Profile Specification

We have a select range of Junior bats available for the younger Lionheart. Available in the Stellify and also The Premier Series profiles, we cater for players of all ages and make junior bats from size 1 through to Harrow. Lionheart pride ourselves on the fact that our junior wands are of the very highest available quality to aid the development of the budding young cricketer.

Edge Styling

Stellify offers a larger spine that runs the full length of the bat with a heavier concave and sweeping curves, and our Premier Series bat has a duckbill toe and based upon the modern classic profile. Whichever your choice, each will help you to take your childs game to the next level. With these two specific profiles we can maximise bat size but never at the expense of weight ratio and balance.

Overall Summary

The Pure White of Stellify or the Orange Shimmer of our Junior Premier Series, we guarantee that we have manufactured every junior bat with the same care and precision that we apply to our adult bats. We understand the importance of balance and pick up to enable a young player to develop and make sure that we apply our skills to produce a bat that will help the young cricketer to develop their individual game.

Is this the bat for you?

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The Wands (Junior Bats) - Players Willow
  • Variable Grains
  • Reasonable Heartwood
  • Blade Face may have some Blemishes
  • Grade 3
inc VAT
The Wands (Junior Bats) - Performance Willow
  • Largely Even Grained
  • Some Heartwood
  • Small Blemishes on the Blade Face
  • Grade 2
inc VAT
The Wands (Junior Bats) - Test Willow
  • Straight Even Grains
  • Minimal Heartwood
  • Significantly Clean Blade Face
  • Grade 1
inc VAT