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Hand Crafted cricket bats made out of the finest english willow

Lionheart are proud to hand make all of our cricket bats in a workshop based in Lightcliffe, a small village nestled in the heart of a beautiful part of West Yorkshire.

We are a company that individually hand crafts each of our bats and we aim to stay true to the traditional values and heritage of the trade. We use an approach that has been handed down through countless family generations and these skills enable us to customise bespoke bats that can be tailored to individual specifications.

We plant, grow, then fell our own stock of trees. We haul the timber before cutting all of the willow clefts in our own sawmill before air-drying and seasoning the wood. We carefully and expertly finish the willow drying process in a specialist timber kiln. This produces clefts that are absolutely perfect for a bat maker. Each of our Cricket Bats are then carefully hand pressed in our small bespoke workshop before being shaped using the traditional tools of a drawknife and spokeshave. We choose to rely on hand, eye, and feel as we craft each cleft individually to produce bats with the finest balance.

Expert Design

Attention to Detail

Individually Tailored

Handmade in Yorkshire

Lionheart Cricket

This season we are extending the Lionheart range with each style of bat offering a subtle variation on balance, pick up and sweet spot positioning. Our range of bats include The Premier Series (our very first standard profile), The Dovetail, Stellify, and of course, The Wands (our junior range). We also offer a personalised batmaking service for a fully customised, made to measure, cricket bat. This we call the 'Lionheart LE'. We manufacture each range with three main grades of willow - Test (Grade 1), Performance (Grade 2) and Players (Grade 3). We also offer an additional grade of willow which we call 'Kingswood' which is strictly subject to availability at the time of manufacture. Click here for further information on our grading.

From Sapling to Tree, Cleft to Cricket Bat - we are proud that Lionheat can offer you the finest traditionally handmade English Willow Cricket Bats.

The Lionheart

1. A person of exceptional courage and bravery.

Our signature bat which offers superb balance, pick up and sweet spot qualities.

Available in 3 grades - Players, Performance and Test.

Signature Model

The Dovetail

1. To join or fit together compactly or harmoniously.

Large in profile, zero concaving with a modern edge and full spine; a Full Blade profile.

Available in 3 grades - Players, Performance and Test.

Modern Full Profile


1. (Astronomy) to change or be changed into a star. From Latin: stella = a star.

Long sweeping curves, huge edge and a full length spine.

Available in 3 grades - Players, Performance and Test.

Modern Concaved Profile

The Wands

1. A thin supple rod, twig, or stick. 2. A slender rod carried as a symbol of importance.

Our Junior range is very important to us - we want everyone to have the opportunity to be the proud owner of a beautiful bat.

Available in 3 Grades.

Junior Cricket Bats

The Bespoke Limited Edition

Choose the perfect bat that is right for you

You can describe exactly what you want from your ideal bat by filling in our bat questionnaire. We will then hand craft a carefully chosen Cleft to match your exact specification, and produce a piece of willow that is perfectly fine-tuned for you. We can adjust any bat to match your criteria so that it will match your individual playing style. We can also copy a beloved bat and replicate any profile and shape. Just tell us what is important for your own personalised bat and we will work closely with you to do the rest.
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Sweet Spot Position ?
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Edge Thickness and Spine Style ?

Customer Review

Always great bats that are perfect for both of our two sons. The bats seem to get better and better with time - which means the lads get top value for their shots. Always reccomended to anyone wanting a proper top quality handmade cricket bat for a junior player.

Mark Banson, Limington CC.

Customer Review

Made me a perfect lightweight bat that pings ! I requested a 2lb 9oz bat and thats exactly what I got - but it actually picks up far lighter. It also flies and Ive gained a confidence in my game that I never had before.

Adam Samuals, Barnoldswick CC.

Customer Review

I wanted a real big bat and got just what I asked for - a 2lb 14oz full profile monster! Despite its appearance the balance is fantastic and everyone who picks it up says it seems far lighter than it actually is. When I connect - which isnt always the case ! - it stays hit. I trust Lionheart to make me the best bats.

Max Hope, Fillongley CC.

Inside the Lionheart Workshop

Carefully hand crafted

Coming from a long line of ancestors who have worked in the wood trade, Lionheart founder Wes Brookes has been around trees, timber, sawdust and wood shavings since birth. Indeed, his heritage in carpentry can be dated back to the 1700's. You can read more about the Heritage of the company here. Having also played the game for Worcestershire county age groups all the way through to U19, and League cricket in Worcestershire, Hampshire, Sussex, Lincolnshire and Bradford, every bat that comes out of the workshop is steeped in a proud history backed up with expert cricket knowledge.

Welcome to Lionheart - Cricket Bats that are made out of the finest English Willow carrying with them a proud tradition of loyalty, history, heritage and strength. Bat with the heart of a Lion.


All of our bats have been hand crafted using methods that have been passed down through centuries of time aged traditions. Knowledge of the bat making process has been uncovered through sourcing the generous time, dedication and patience offered from some of the finest bat makers in the land.


Lionheart is centuries old in heritage. In the 1700's the founders of Lionheart ran a large carpenters shop that made Cart Wheels (known as wheelwrights) for the local gentry of the day. Following this, the family turned its attention to sourcing timber before setting up a sawmill to process tree to plank.


Lionheart aim to create cricket bats that allow players both old and young to own the piece of willow that is perfect for them. We handcraft clefts into bats using time old techniques mixed in with a few modern innovations. We pride ourselves on ensuring that every bat that leaves our workshop will be something the future owner will be proud of.

We are looking to develop our brand by planting Willow trees for the future strength of Lionheart Cricket. Maybe you are able to help play a part in our history ? We offer a fair future renumeration policy on all of the trees that we plant. If you want to find out more then follow the links below.

Brookes Willow Trees

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