Repairs, Refurbishments and Reshaping.

We offer a large range of services for used and broken bats of any brand.
Service Price
Rehandle Incl New Grip
Broken handle removed, splice recut, and new handle fitted
with a retwine and a new grip.
A Complete Winter Service
Old stickers removed and replaced with new ones, bat sanded,
cracks repaired, anti-scuff fitted and new grip.
Winter Service
Cracks Repaired, Sanded And Anti Scuff (face of bat only) Sanding and general cleaning of the face and apply anti scuff and edging tape if required.
Weight Reduction
A cricket bat can only be reduced in weight in accordance with the size and shape of the profile and the density of the cleft. We can usually reduce a bat about 3oz in weight. The weight reduction you desire will be discussed directly with you and possible options outlined. Between yourself and the batmaker there will be a solution found to resolve any issues that you have with a badly balanced bat.
Toe Guard £15.00
Anti Scuff £10.00
New Grip Fitted £7.00