Bat Care

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Bat Size Guide - Height of Player and Appropriate Bat Choice

Over 6ft 2in (188cm+) - Full Size LH / 15+ yrs (87.6cm bat length)

5ft 9in – 6ft 2in (188cm) - Full Size SH / 15+ yrs (85.1cm bat length)

5ft 6in – 5ft 9in (175cm) - Academy / SSH / 15+ yrs (83.8cm bat length)

5ft 4in – 5ft 6in (168cm) - Harrow / 12-14 yrs (82.5cm bat length)

5ft 4in – 5ft 6in (168cm) - Size 6 / 11-13 yrs (80cm bat length)

5ft 2in – 5ft 4in (168cm) - Size 5 / 10-12 yrs (77.4cm bat length)

4ft 11in – 5ft 2in (168cm) - Size 4 / 9-11 yrs (74.9cm bat length)

4ft 9in – 4ft 11in (168cm) - Size 3 / 8-9 yrs (72.4cm bat length)

4ft 6in – 4ft 9in (168cm) - Size 2 / 6-7 yrs (67.9cm bat length)

Up to 4ft 3in (168cm) - Size 1 / 4-5 yrs (64.1cm bat length)

The Importance of Choosing a correct Bat Sizes

All players need to feel comfortable at the crease and able to perform at their best. Therefore it is vital that they are batting with a bat that is the right size and weight for their age and size. If you follow the size guide closely it will ensure that you choose an appropriate bat for you or your child.