The Lionheart Willow Grading System

Players, Performance, Test and Kingswood Explained.


Players Willow will contain some blemishes and flaws. It may be that the wood has some slight staining on the face; it may be redder in appearance and have uneven grains. Small cosmetic flaws aside, we know that it isnt the looks of a bat that defines its performance but rather the way that it has been pressed and the way the willow has been seasoned. For this reason you may discover that a bat made from Players willow can perform just as well as bats made from higher graded materials.


Our Performance willow will be generally excellent in appearance but contain some small flaw - wether that is a slightly uneven grain pattern, or a small blemish or two on the face of the bat. Again, pressing technique is the key to a bat's success and there are gems to be discovered in the Performance range of bats.


Almost cosmetically flawless, 6 to 10 straight evenly distributed grains, this willow is faultless in appearance. White in appearance - or with a thin strip of heartwood - this willow tend to also be lightweight in pick up. The tree will have grown in a perfect environment which creates the best willow for bat making.


A lightweight, completely perfect cleft with 9+ straight even grains, creating a beautiful looking piece of willow. Scarce and only sourced in very limited supply, Kingswood is only available upon enquiry and not always in stock. Older mature trees yielding blemish free fruit such as Kingswood are unfortunately in short supply due to the way willow grows in the current unpredictable environment.